Estate Planning Event

Thank you to everyone who attended the Estate Planning Event!  It was a fun and informative night and we hope everyone came away feeling empowered about planning for their child’s financial future.  A huge thank you to our fantastic speaker Seunghee Cha from Bulkley Richardson as well as the Springfield JCC for donating the space and Tate Behavioral for providing child care.

Ms. Cha provides individual financial planning and counseling with a special expertise in financial planning for families with children who have special needs.  If you would like more information, her office can be contacted at (413) 781-2820 or click the link below.

Also, be sure to check out all the programs available through the JCC’s Kehillah program via the link below.

“The mission of Kehillah, the JCC Special Needs Program, is to provide quality recreational, social, and enrichment programs for children, teens, and adults with special needs. The Kehillah program, like all programs at the JCC, is open to people of all faiths, ethnicities and beliefs.”


Thanks again to everyone who made this event a success!


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